Our expertise in guiding, advising, managing and assisting will help you meet your expectations. Our experience is based both on our ‘partnership’ philosophy and on ensuring a strong business relationship to ensure a successful collaboration.


We provide a central office to manage your association, maintaining steady communication with your members and partners. With our global office locations we offer extended welcome hours and respond to all inquiries within a short turnaround. We represent your association and its core values, and remain your association’s central location for information, communication, references and storage.

Finance Controlling

Thanks to our experience in the association marketplace, we help our associations make the right monetary decisions, analyzing revenue and expenses in their context and connecting them with your expectations. We help you make the right decisions for your membership retention and recruitment, your meetings & conference organization and your association operating costs. Numbers speak for themselves: over the past 10 years, we have seen our clients’ membership triple, and our clients’ conference annual revenue increase between 25% and 50% on average.

Annual Conference

We direct, advise and manage your annual event to help our clients make the most success out of their conference, and to meet their goals and objectives. Our ‘partnership’ philosophy and a strong business approach ensure the success of your conference. We work closely with the sub committees to maintain efficient follow up. Our experienced and dynamic Conference Support Team guides and advises where appropriate to enable committees to focus on the “big picture” issues. We develop and adhere to a realistic and accurate critical path, offering peace of mind in the knowledge that the administration of the conference is being comprehensively managed, even in its slightest details, both pre-show and onsite. The Project Management Plan flows through the development of the conference and up to the delivery of the Final Conference Report.

Membership Management

We offer turnkey services for membership management. We look at the big picture when it comes to recruitment and retention. Holding on to members already on board not only saves money but creates a strong marketing network. If they are satisfied, they will tell others about the benefits of your organization.

Our support is not just logistical, we provide strategic planning and marketing programs, financial and executive management services as well as customer care and respond quickly and efficiently to your members' needs. Members' meetings and online networking are important ways of maintaining contact in your community. We help build on those opportunities and assist with educational and professional development to offer your members a full range of benefits.

Marketing & Public Relations

Your association requires a team of experts who can manage your core values and what you want to communicate to your members and partners. We build relationships to benefit your organization and your partners with a win-win approach. Together with our clients, we identify a line of conduct and maintain strong communication to connect with your members and the industry; we provide public relations services to help you gain and maintain exposure to your audience.

Local/Regional Meetings

We support your regional meetings and local chapter events with the same approach than as your annual conference: every event is important no matter the size of it. We ensure successful meetings by defining objectives with our clients and manage the logistics with a detail-oriented approach. Communication, registration, onsite management, we organize all aspects of your local events and liaise with suppliers to ensure you can focus on the networking onsite, and make the best of your event to communicate with your peers, partners and members.

Abstract Management

Legend offers a turnkey and highly customizable abstract management service allowing a smooth and easy submission, review and agenda design process. Thanks to its experience in the field, the Legend team provides a high-quality service insuring technical requirements are respected and highlighted to promote our clients’ event’s scientific content.

Objective Settings

Organizing a conference is not just about logistics. It is about understanding our client’s overall objectives and fully integrating them in the planning, so that the benefits of the event continue once the conference is over. What if your event not only gets talked about for one night to 1,000 but for weeks after it to an additional 5,000? Together with the Planning Committee, we identify the target audience, establish financial goals, plan the logistics and coordinate the technical aspects to ensure a smooth event. The post-event analysis ensures a return on investment to be integrated in the big picture and serve for next editions.

Venue Contracting

We liaise and negotiate with the selected venue to reach an agreement through a solid contract that will set the conditions of the collaboration, while protecting all involved parties. Not only we understand the suppliers’ language and specifications, as our staff’s experience include being on the other side of the fence, but we also turn it into user-friendly content for our clients. We ensure the logistics, financials and legal aspects involved are fully covered through the agreement and we support our clients in the process so that all parties can understand each other and work hand-in-hand.

VIP & Speaker Liaison

We make speakers’ experience as rewarding as possible from confirmation of speaking opportunity to the time they leave the conference. We deal with initial invitation and arrange travel and accommodation requirements as well as technical aspects of their presentations. We convey your objectives through the management of your VIP’s and our staff is highly experienced in welcoming the worlds’ eminent VIP’s or Government dignitaries to our conferences. We are very familiar with the protocol arrangements that surround such individuals. We provide personal and dedicated staff support, ensure efficient communication, manage registration, accommodation and travel needs and assist with speakers’ preparation room and technical support onsite.

Content Management

A program is the showcase of an event and must be drawn bearing in mind the main objectives of the conference. General Sessions, track sessions, workshops, panels, we guide our clients through the logistics, while liaising with the program committee to ensure the content is properly outlined and attracts your targeted audience.


We provide support for technical aspects of the conference, and we interpret our clients’ needs into terms suppliers understand to ensure they deliver on time, on target and on budget. We plan the signage; handle audio-visual requirements; secure simultaneous interpretation services and assist with all details related to the conference.

Strategic Marketing

We develop various marketing plans to promote, create awareness and boost participation for both large and small successful conferences. Our Marketing services also include design and print, as we create individual logos, motivating copy and attractive designs to form the “look” of each conference for brochures and other communication items. We provide website management and ensure that the dedicated site becomes the focus for all prospective delegates seeking information about the conference and intending to register online. We develop focused electronic marketing messages to promote, create awareness and boost participation in a variety of target markets. We do this through expert database management and designed electronic communications to ensure the specified contacts are reached and influenced. Our media management experience is extensive and we work closely with specialist Media/PR companies experienced in obtaining coverage for conferences in the appropriate press to guarantee a very successful arrangement.


We present accommodation option plans, with recommendations on the best properties for delegates. Once selected, we negotiate the best contracts for your event. Accommodation arrangements can be managed electronically for delegates via the registration process or through individual reservations made by attendees directly. Whichever option of service arrangements are the preferred method, we closely monitor all room block commitments to ensure that attrition charges are eliminated or reduced.

Site Selection

We assist our clients with venue selection to ensure our clients’ event fosters positive and dynamic networking opportunities. “Location, Location, Location“ say real estate professionals; we believe in this too, and we guide our clients through the site selection bearing in mind the objectives of the event.

Financial Management

We understand the importance of achieving financial goals. We develop realistic and conservative budgets in conjunction with committees, which become the key roadmap for the management of our clients’ events. We believe that proper and realistic budget along with cost control is the basis for success with peace of mind for the committee. We adapt easily to the many varied financial procedures and policies of different clients. Amongst our services, we provide: Complete budget management, income and expenditure reporting and management, bank and receipt all monies received into trust account, supplier negotiation and management and complete tax management.


We believe that flawless communication is a key element in our industry. We provide detailed briefings for our clients, speakers, suppliers and temporary staff to ensure all have the relevant information to feel comfortable during the event. Our briefings are meant to serve as references and intent to guide and support its readers through the event.


We produce major conferences on a regular basis through efficient registration management and attention to detail. We provide complete online registration and payment support for our clients’ events. We offer easy instant online registration and accommodation booking, as well as real time credit card payments and immediate confirmation documents. We also provide a non-electronic service for delegates more comfortable with this process. We also understand registration is more than processing a form; it is representing our clients and offer customer service to provide conference attendees with seamless support from beginning to end. Whether it’s by email, phone, or fax enquiry, we guarantee immediate confirmation responses and more complex enquires within 24 hours worldwide. Our registration services also include: accommodation booking; social events registration and payment; tour selection, booking and payment; secure access to reports for Committees.

On-Site Management

Our management of conferences is carefully planned and managed to provide first class service, communication, logistics and overall coordination to ensure onsite activities operate smoothly at all times. All our staff is trained in customer service and all involved parties are carefully assisted and watched over. We also ensure all catering expectations are not only met but exceeded. Managing the catering requirements for conferences requires expertise, knowledge, commitment plus attention to detail. We recognize the requirements of our attendees and take special consideration for the needs of dietary, allergy and special needs when collaborating with our catering suppliers. Onsite management services also include cutting edge temporary staff management, as well as assistance with appropriate and entertaining social and cultural functions.

Sponsorship & Exhibition

We work closely with committees to foster successful short and long term sponsorship partnerships with a win/win outcome for all. We advise on a host of value added solutions as well as provide first class sponsor support. Thanks to our extended experience with a variety of committees, industries and organizations to market and sell exhibition space and develop show strategies, we ensure every exhibitor is made to feel important and their requirements are professionally handled.

Social Programs

We ensure that social events compliment the aims and objectives of the conference. From formal dinners for 2000 delegates to intimate cocktails for 30 in privileged locations, from outback barbeques to private audiences with internationally renowned entertainers, we make certain to convey your conference’s objectives through minimum noticeable presence on the event but with maximum service and results.

Venue & Supplier Sourcing & Contracting

Finding the right place for your event is done bearing in mind our clients’ objective for their event. We liaise with local suppliers and find the perfect professionals to make your event a unique experience. We define the concept of your event, run function sheets and event orders, coordinate suppliers and performers and coordinate onsite logistics and provide dedicated staff to accompany you onsite.


We provide support for technical aspects of the event, and we interpret our clients’ needs into terms suppliers understand to ensure they deliver on time, on target and on budget. We plan the signage; handle audio-visual requirements; and assist with all details related to the event, from the communication to the transportation, from the lights and sound to the wine served at the table.

Social Events

We ensure that social events compliment the aims and objectives of the event, whether our clients want to motivate, gather or communicate ideas. From formal dinners to intimate cocktails, from private guided tours to team incentives, from outback barbeques to private audiences with internationally renowned entertainers, we make certain that convey our clients’ objectives through minimum noticeable presence on the event but with maximum service and results.

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