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Laura Chajkowski, CMP CMM
If the Company’s called Legend, well guess where it is from? Laura holds over 25 years of experience in the event planning industry and can run a general session without the support of notes. Laura’s our head of state and she takes great pride in exceeding expectations – satisfaction and budget wise - with a smile. Both on your face and hers.
Sophie Deville
Sophie’s background includes project management, housing, registration, front desk and working in 4 different countries over the past 10 years. Sophie’s our European representative and amongst her skills, you’ll love her attention to details, her capacity to find the right formula in Excel and her ability to recognize a real French baguette from a bad one just by listening to the crust cracking.
Jin Lim, MBA
Jin’s another one of our world travelers for she holds experience in 4 different countries, across 3 continents. Jin’s our Event and Abstracts specialist, and she’s probably met more medical experts during her professional experience than you can even imagine! Jin’s famous for her thoroughness, her attention to detail, and for a sense of humour she keeps in any circumstance!
Darlene Kelly-Stewart
Darlene’s a go-to girl when a generalist is the exact type of specialist you need. Her solid 15-year background in hospitality from property level service and sales to advance contract negotiations, Darlene does not just talk the talk, she interprets the client’s needs to make sure suppliers deliver on time, on target and on budget. Darlene’s world famous for her calm, cool and collected wittiness, and knows that every turn of phrase matters.
Angela Rodger-Casey
Angela is a recent addition to Legend jumping in head first. Angela brings communications and community relations experience into the mix; she rules when it comes to transforming mumbo jumbo material into user friendly content to garnering community support. With her friendly easy-going nature and the headstrong determination that comes from being a Taurus, Angela is always seeking new and exciting challenges and opportunities for growth to keep things interesting.
Aline Fournier-Chalmers
Aline holds over 15 years of experience in the event industry and in fundraising.  Her expertise includes publications, marketing and public/media relations as well, and she’s also a pro in policy and procedure implementation, relationship building, customer service, volunteer recruiting and coordination.  Aline is admired by her peers as a fun-loving team player with a great sense of humor and you’ll love working with her for she emanates a friendly environment.
Brenda Williamson
Brenda brings to the team a variety of skill sets: administrative, graphic, website and registration management. Her ability to work and understand programs is a definite asset for the team and has become the “Program Go-to-person”. Brenda’s also known for telling stories, and that’s just what you need: after all, creating events is just that, making sure your clients hear you and get the message.
Laurie Poole
Laurie brings more than 20 years of marketing, communications and event management experience to the team. Her sense of humor, creativity and ability to "cut to the chase" are appreciated by clients who want to have fun while getting the job done. Oh, did we mention she has a master's degree in counseling? Laurie says those skills have served her well on more than one occasion in the events business.

Richard Harrison
As a designer Rich brings over 25 years of creative experience to the Legend team. With a vast portfolio spanning advertising, illustration, animation, design, his wish is to combine his knowledge and experience, to deliver the best creative to clients and their audiences. When you can’t say it with words, Rich will design it for you!